November 20, 2017

Transfer of Public Lands

HB148 Transfer of Public Lands Act (2012) Based on recent, unanimous U.S. Supreme Court authority, this bill establishes a deadline for the federal government to transfer title to our public lands directly to the state to be managed by a Utah Public Lands Commission (UPLC) to be created under this bill. Under the bill, national parks, congressionally designated wilderness areas …

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November 10, 2017

Federal Law Evaluation and Response Act

HB76 Federal Law Evaluation and Response Act (2011) This legislation created the Federalism Committee to review, evaluate and respond to all federal actions that cross the jurisdictional line between the proper roles of the state and federal government in order to restore balance to our unprecedented governing partnership. VIEW HB76 HERE

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November 9, 2017

Federal Receipts Reporting

HB138 Federal Receipts Reporting Requirements (2011) This bill requires all state agencies to report the percentage of their budgets that are made up of federal funds and to put in place a contingency plan in the event that federal funds were to diminish. National credit rating agencies commented on this legislation as a reason for not even reviewing Utah for …

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November 8, 2017

Medical Retainer Agreements

HB240 Medical Retainer Agreements This bill allows doctors to contract directly with their patients for a fixed sum as a retainer to provide routine medical services without the state treating them as if they were selling insurance (which, amazingly, it was doing). This encourages doctors to provide generally lower-cost, direct medical services to their patients without having to go through …

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