They say in the Air Force, “When you are taking flak, you know you are over the target.” The target during my service as your state representative has been to reduce the size and scope of the federal government, and secure the self-reliance, independence and statehood equality for our State.

I have been working tirelessly over the past six years to restore balance in what was designed to be a governing partnership between the state and federal governments. I have been advocating locally and national for 2/3rds of the States to apply for a Convention of States to propose amendments to the Constitution to reduce the size and scope of the federal government. I have been leading out nationally to reduce the dependence of States on “unsustainable” federal funding that comprises the largest part of our Utah state budget.

But, the issue that draws the most flak from those who want to increase their control over our lives and livelihoods is my leading role to secure the statehood equality for Utah in the relinquishment of federal control over more than 65% of our lands.

The success we are having with this issue is driving well-funded, radical leftist DC operatives to absurd and malicious lengths…because that’s what they do when they lack facts and principle!

These radical leftist organizations comprise “a team of well-trained and hyper-connected D.C. insiders.”

Enter George Soros, a hardball investor to most of these left-wing causes, including the activist and “clean energy” movements that have helped take down the coal industry and lock off our public lands. “Following President Obama’s use of CO2 emissions as a weapon to drive major coal companies near bankruptcy, the ultimate politically connected speculator George Soros is buying up stock in major coal producers on the cheap.”

These radical DC attack organizations don’t intend to kill off our coal and resources industries so much as they want to steal them. This is already coming true courtesy of billionaire George Soros.

So, when you see the radical DC organizations continuing to attack me, a state representative from West Jordan, Utah, you know they are just the attack arm for unprincipled billionaires who want to prevent more effective local care and management of our lands because they want to continue to increase their control and dominion over our lands, lives and livelihoods.

These ongoing vicious attacks are nothing more than a clear signal that I am over the target in my efforts to reduce the size, scope and control of the federal government in order that we can care for and govern ourselves in the great state of Utah.