Imagine this troubling scenario:

Serious illness and spiraling medical bills force you into bankruptcy to seek a fresh start. Your adult daughter is living with you because she fled from her violent ex-boyfriend. She obtained a restraining order against him, but he still stalks her at your home. You fear for her safety and yours, but because of your bankruptcy, you lost your ability to protect your daughter and your home.

You see, firearms – the means to protect your family, your life, and your home – were not exempt from bankruptcy and judgment like books, tools, a pet, or a refrigerator were.

This was the distressing circumstance that faced local resident, Gary Welch. If ever there was a situation where you’d think, “there ought to be a law…,” this was one of those situations.

When Gary approached me about his predicament I went to work on what became HB298. With Gary’s help, I passed this Exemption Act Amendments bill in 2015. This bill allows a family to exempt up to three firearms and a thousand rounds of ammunition each from bankruptcy or judgment, just like a refrigerator, tools or books are exempt.

Because of HB298, Utah has the strongest firearms exemption law in the nation from bankruptcy or judgment. States across the country are now working to follow our lead.

Because of HB298, despite the unfortunate reversal of a bankruptcy or a judgment, you can never lose your right to protect your family, your life, or your home.